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New course about modelling for water management

Published: 17 February 2020
Three active students in a computer lab, photo.

The first group of students on the new course “Models for sustainable water management” will be examined this week.

SLU has a vision about doubling the number of students. As a part of that vision have the departments been given the opportunity to suggest new courses. The department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment suggested the course "Models for sustainable water management" and it was decided by SLU to be one of the new courses. The course has just been held for the first time and will be finished with a written exam this week.

The goal of this course is to give students an appreciation of the role of models and monitoring data in setting and evaluating national, European and global environmental policy. The course has highlighted among others the need for high quality data, credible modelling approaches and good practice for scientific communication.

Martyn Futter is responsible for the course and has also had the main responsibility for the planning of the course. Several co-workers of the department have been given lectures and held exercises during the course.


Read more about the objectives and the content of the course in the course syllabus.

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Another part of the work with the vision of doubling the number of students is the development of new education programs. The department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment is planning a master program in Aquatic Environmental Assessment. If this master program will be approved by SLU will the modelling course be included as a program course.