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SLU Landscape day with start of celebrations

Published: 18 October 2021
First round table discussion

SLU Landscape Day in October became the starting point of the celebrations of the Landscape Architecture Programme's 50th anniversary.

The autumn SLU Landscape Day were held digitally in the afternoon of October 13, and began with presentations by SLU Landscape's steering group and Call For Ideas' project from 2020/2021.

With the SLU Landscape Day the celebrations of the Landscape Architecture Programme's 50th anniversary also took off with the first round table talk. The theme of the talk was How has landscape architecture design been taught through these 50 years? Invited speakers were employees and former employees of SLU: Andrea Kahn, Pär ”Pinge” Gustafsson, Carola Wingren, Tomas Eriksson, Arne Nordius and Emily Wade.

The talk was recorded and can be watched here for two weeks to come.

Almost 60 participants took part in the SLU Landscape Day and the programme also consisted of four different workshops:

  • Design Research within SLU Landscape
  • Timskisser – ett pedagogiskt verktyg
  • Kartläggning av landskapsarkitekternas utbildning och professionella roll
  • “Chávez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story”, Documentary Movie with roundtable discussion


Matilda Alfengård
Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

SLU Landscape
SLU Landscape operates as a cross-institutional network for collaboration and joint profiling of work done in the landscape subject area at SLU. It is one of the largest environments for research and teaching in landscape architecture in Europe.