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Ludwig researches for harmony between humans and beneficial bacteria

Published: 08 March 2021
A man is pipetting in a lab. Photo.

Ludwig Lundqvist is one of SLU's industrial PhD students in food research. He investigates how to best grow and produce bacteria that are good for human health. Halfway through the doctoral project, we took the opportunity to ask some questions!

Ludwig's overall goal is to increase understanding of how to best grow and produce probiotic bacteria.

– We have seen that conditions during cultivation of bacteria have a great impact on how well the bacteria are preserved freeze-dried in food and how long the shelf life of the probiotic product is. We evaluate the bacteria in many models in our search for explanations of how probiotic bacteria can have a healthy effect. We also study a type of particles that bacteria can secrete, and what effect these particles can have on our cells.

Read the rest of the interview in Swedish here.



LivsID is an industry PhD-program at SLU, dedicated to research and education within food-related topics. The program involves nine companies and seven departments at SLU. The industrial PhD students are employed by the company where the project is based and conducted research in food-related applied areas. Through LivsID's activities, they also interact with each other and create a network between academia and companies. 

The program was initiated with support of the government as part of the National food strategy and established in autumn 2018 with initially 10 projects. One more project is associated. The program is running in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

Read more about the LivsID program here.


Portrait photo of a man in front of a green plant indoors. Photo.

Ludwig Lundqvist
Industridoktorand på BioGaia och SLU

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