Talking about teaching workshops LA Days April 24-25 2019 Ultuna

Last changed: 04 November 2019

SLU LANDSCAPE Teaching Synergy Forum arranged two workshops at the SLU Landscape days in april 2019 for cross campus discussion and collaboration.

Workshop 1: How the polarization in society is reflected in the classroom 

In an LA studio course, a completely separatist bridge is presented, to which only women have access. Another student presents a proposal for a beach where no Muslim men have access. How can we act when the increased polarization in society is reflected in our classrooms? This was the theme for a workshop that engaged teachers and researchers to share thoughts and experiences with each other. 

The role of the teacher was discussed: should we act as moderators if a student displays racist, sexist or homofobic views? We have the opportunity to ask critical questions and challenge students to think critically, instead of just saying “that is racist”. The discussions included norms and ethics, cultural heritage and identity related to place, anti-intellectual tendencies and the importance of critical thinking. To problematise and use a discriminatory thought as a starting point for discussion was debated, what happens if this is implemented on a societal level? One teacher had used the goals of the different parties in the Swedish government, and had students visualize what kind of society would result if the ideas were implemented on a bigger scale, as a means to link landscape to politics. We lifted the importance of clearly stating to new students that SLU does not tolerate discriminatory behavior, and letting students know how to act and who to contact if they experience any form of harassment. The participants agreed that there is a need for us to prepare and educate ourselves on these issues.

Participants: Åsa Bensch (Lapf), Eva-Lou Gustafsson (Lapf), Karl Lövrie (Lapf), Anna Petersson (Lapf), Marina Queiroz (Sol), Tomas Eriksson (Sol), Burcu Yigit Turan (Sol), Anna Robling (Sol), Bodil Dahlman (Sol), Johan Ronnesjö (Sol)

Workshop 2: Ling in Ultuna and Alnarp

The workshop was an opportunity for Ling-teachers at Ultuna to get inspiration and input from colleagues from Alnarp and to get to know each other better. Ling-teachers from Alnarp were asked to bring material from their courses, to discuss and share at the workshop. A short presentation of who is who and in what way each of us are or will become involved in the program opened up the workshop. Many new faces and colleagues were introduced into each other. PSR (Directors of studies) Frida Andreasson (Alnarp) and Bodil Dahlman (Ultuna) also presented the course programs for Ling at our two campuses.

After this a very engaged and interesting discussion aroused. Topics that were discussed were – What challenges are we, teachers within the Ling-program, facing concerning our teaching? What would we like to evolve, need input to or help with? In what way can we support and help each other? Maybe some of us teachers within the program, could teach at both campuses?

From the very beginning of the workshop it was obvious that the time set aside for it was more of a teaser or a kick-off to something very important and larger and we all felt we needed much more time. It was decided to invite all teachers and administrators involved in the Ling program, included student representatives to a lunch to lunch meeting in Alnarp, to continue the discussion. The result of this is that Teacher Synergy Forum now will arrange this meeting the 17-18th of June, which many participants already have signed up for.
Participants: Eva-Lou Gustafsson (Lapf), Arne Nordius (Lapf), Frida Andreasson (Lapf), Marina Queiroz (Sol), Örjan Stål (Sol), Emma Butler (Sol), Dahlman (Sol), Johan Ronnesjö (Sol), Åsa Bensch (Lapf)

From Workshop 2: Ling in Ultuna and Alnarp Photo: Marina Queiroz


Marina Queiroz, Lecturer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Ultuna

Telephone: +46 18 672511

Åsa Bensch, Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, Alnarp

Telephone: +46 40-41 51 69

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