Education at the LTV faculty

Last changed: 02 November 2020

Education has long traditions in Alnarp. Here there has been higher education in landscape, garden and agriculture for a long time. The place with its historical environment combined with greenery and modern teaching attracts many new students. Currently, approximately 1,000 students are studying on campus.

Programmes offered at SLU Alnarp

Bachelor's level

(given in Swedish)

  • Agricultural and Rural Management (3 years)
  • Horticultural Management – Gardening and Horticultural Production (3 years)
  • Horticultural Management – Design (3 years)
  • Landscape Architect, Alnarp and Uppsala (5 years) Note - courses on advanced level are taught in English
  • Landscape Engineer, Alnarp and Uppsala (3 years)

Master's level (2-year programmes)

(given in English, except "Hållbar stadsutveckling")

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Freestanding courses can also be read by you who are not currently a student at SLU. You can search for courses in different subjects in our course database or at

Doctoral studies

At the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Sciences, postgraduate education is conducted with various specialisations in the fields of landscape architecture, horticultural science, agricultural science, technology and biology.

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