Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet


The Master's programmes offered by SLU are unique and based on our strength and profile areas, a bio-based economy and environment, health and life quality. The combination of teaching and research provide students with countless opportunities for interesting, in-depth studies and specializations. Application periods are 16 Oct 2018 - 15 Jan 2018 for international students and 15 March 2018- 16 April 2018 for Swedish students.



SLU’s Alnarp campus is situated in a large park by the sea, west of Lund, north of Malmö and east of Copenhagen. This prime location makes Alnarp a gateway to the rest of Europe.
Fasaden på Ulls hus, Uppsala


Uppsala is Sweden’s forth largest city, and the hub of SLU’s educational activities. Located just outside of the city centre, SLU’s Uppsala campus is spacious, leafy and picturesque.
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