Environmental monitoring and assessment at LTV Faculty

Last changed: 09 March 2020

SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment meets society's need for decision support, including support for Sweden's national environmental objectives and international environmental cooperation.

Built environment

LTV Faculty is responsible for of of SLU's environmental monitoring program, the Built environment programme. The focus of the program is the city and its environs. The results are intended to help in the achievement of the Sweden's environmental quality objective "Good Built Environment" as well as Sweden's international committments on urban and peri-urban environments.

Read more about the Built environment programme.


Karl Lövrie, Deputy Dean LTV faculty
karl.lovrie@slu.se, +46 (0)40-415439, +46 (0)73-0242261

Harald Klein, coordinator programme Built environment
harald.klein@slu.se, +46 (0)706-25 80 17

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