Research at the NJ Faculty

Last changed: 16 July 2020

At the NJ Faculty, we carry out research within Natural Sciences as well as within Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Strong Basic Research

Basic research is a prerequisite of innovative and powerful applications. Below follows some examples of our strong basic research programmes.

  • The ecology of nitrogen cycling communities with emphasis on denitrifying organisms
    Department: Molecular Sciences
    Contact: Sara Hallin, phone +46 18 673209
  • Effect of plant oils on fish metabolism and the significance of the fatty acid composition
    Department: Molecular Sciences
    Contact: Jana Pickova, phone +46 18 672011
  • Environmental chemistry focusing on fate and exposure of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
    Department: Aquatic Sciences and Assessment
    Contact: Karin Wiberg, phone +46 18 673115
  • Significance of species diversity for ecosystem function
    Department: Ecology
    Contact: Jan Bengtsson, phone +46 18 671516
Peak Research

According to the evaluation of our university in 2009, Quality and Impact Opens in new window, there are several internationally competitive and excellent research groups among the departments of the NJ Faculty. The highest ranked areas are:
- Ecology
- Plant Biology
- Plant Protection

Sector Related Research

The researchers of the NJ Faculty formulate, in dialogue with industry and authorities, important issues that have bearing on sustainable agriculture and forestry, for example:
- Production of biogas
- Biological methods of pest control
- Precision agriculture
- Conservation of biodiversity

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