Subject areas at the NJ faculty

Last changed: 05 February 2021

The persons who have an asterisk (*) by their names are appointed as supervisors by the Faculty Board but are not recruited professors.

Cluster Uppsala Biocenter

Department of Molecular Sciences

  • Inorganic chemistry
    Responsible: Vadim Kessler
  • Organic chemistry
    Responsible: Corine Sandström
  • Structural molecular biology
    Acting responsible: Mats Sandgren – while Torleif Härd is Dean at the NJ Faculty
  • Biochemistry
    Responsible: Peter Bozhkov
  • Food science – structure and properties
    Responsible: Maud Langton
  • Food science with focus on animal food
    Responsible: Åse Lundh
  • Food science with focus on plant food
    Responsible: Roger Andersson
  • Food biotechnology
    Responsible: Volkmar Passoth
  • Microbial biotechnology
    Responsible: Anna Schnürer

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

  • Plant pathology with focus on diseases in agricultural crops
    Responsible: Dan Funck Jensen
  • Plant pathology with focus on epidemiology
    Responsible: Jiazu Zhan
  • Soil microbiology
    Responsible: Sara Hallin
  • Microbial metabolism
    Responsible: Hans Ronne

Department of Plant Biology

  • Plant genomics and plant breeding
    Responsible: Pär Ingvarsson
  • Plant virology
    Responsible: Anders Kvarnheden *
  • Molecular cellbiology with focus on plants
    Responsible: Claudia Köhler
  • Plant physiology
    Responsible: Charles Melnyk *
  • Genetics
    Responsible: Adrien Sicard
  • Molecular plant pest / disease interaction
    Responsible: Daniel Hofius

Cluster Ecology and Crop Production

Department of Ecology

  • Ecosystems Ecology with a focus on terrestrial systems
    Responsible: Thomas Kätterer
  • Agricultural Entomology
    Responsible: Riccardo Bommarco
  • Insect ecology
    Responsible: Tomas Roslin
  • Ecology and environmental research
    Responsible: Jan Bengtsson
  • Landscape ecology
    Responsible: Tomas Pärt
  • Wildlife ecology with focus in wildlife and damage caused by wild animals in the agricultural landscape
    Responsible: Petter Kjellander

Department of Crop Production Ecology      

  • Crop production ecology with specialization in weed ecology and management
    Recruitment in progress
  • Plant ecology
    Responsible: Martin Weih
  • Agricultural cropping systems
    Responsible: Ingrid Öborn
  • Short rotation forestry
    Responsible: Theo Verwijst
  • Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden
  • Crop science with focus on grass and forage
    Responsible: David Parsons

Cluster Landscape planning and Social sciences

Department of Urban and Rural Development

  • Rural development with a focus on the Global South
    Recruitment in progress
  • Rural development in Sweden and Europe
    Responsible: Seema Arora Jonsson
  • Environmental communication
    Responsible: Anke Fischer
  • Agrarian history
    Responsible: Patrick Svensson
  • Political science with focus on governance of biodiversity
    Recruitment in progress

Department of Economics

  • Business economics
    Responsible: Carl Johan Lagerkvist
  • Business Administration specializing in entrepreneurship
    Responsible: Johan Gaddefors
  • Agricultural and Food Economics
    Responsible: Helena Hansson
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
    Responsible: Rob Hart

Cluster Soil, Water and Environment

Department of Aquatic Resources

  • Quantitative fish and fisheries ecology
    Responsible: Anna Gårdmark
  • Fish biology with specialisation in population structure and genetics
    Responsible: Anti Vasemägi

Department of Energy and Technology

  • Bioenergy technology
    Responsible: Åke Nordberg *
  • Statistics with focus on biometry
    Responsible: Dietrich von Rosen
  • Agricultural technology
    Responsible: Per-Anders Hansson
  • Engineering
    Responsible: Girma Gebresenbet *

Department of Soil and Environment

  • Biogeophysics
    Responsible: Nicholas Jarvis
  • Soil mechanics and soil management
    Responsible: Thomas Keller
  • Agricultural water management
    Responsible: Jennie Barron
  • Soil biology
    Responsible: Björn Lindahl
  • Soil chemistry
    Responsible: Jon-Petter Gustafsson
  • Soil cycling
    Responsible: Anke Herrmann

Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

  • Environmental assessment
    Responsible: Kevin Bishop
  • Environmental assessment with focus on aquatic biodiversity
    Responsible: Richard Johnson
  • Organic environmental chemistry
    Responsible: Karin Wiberg
  • Functional ecology limnic systems
    Responsible: Stefan Bertilsson
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