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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet


At Uppsala BioCenter we study molecules, microorganisms, and plants of interest in realation to agriculture and forestry. One strength of our activities are that they cover the full scale of pure basic research, advanced research and developmental research. One of our main focus is to achieving a high level of academnic and practical research based on the basic understanding of the biological processes involved organism health and welfare. We also focus many of our activities on finding direct applications that contribute to sustainable development.

An in-depth understanding of how different organisms, biological and chemical processes and ecosystems work for the production of useful and functional foods, improved production of biogas and bioethanol, development of biological pesticides, probiotics and drugs, improved strategies for protecting crops from attacks of pathogenic organisms, as well as advances in plant breeding, bioencapsulation and formulation is the main goal at the BioCenter.

You can read more about Research at each of the institutions at the BioCenter using the links below.

Published: 09 January 2018 - Page editor: les.paul@slu.se