BioCenter IT

Last changed: 02 July 2021

IT-related issues are handled by Biocenter's own IT group.

If you have questions or issues about IT at the BioCenter, please contact your representative in the list below.


BioCenter IT group
Three institutes have formed an IT cooperative for closer cooperation and better service within the BioCenter above and beyond SLU IT. The members are listed below:

  • Forestry Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • Molecular Sciences
  • Plant Biology

The group provides computer support and help with infrastructure for these departments. We work in agreement with SLU IT to ensure integration into major university infrastructure and to optimize features for the entire Biocenter.


Forestry Mycology and Plant Pathology - contact Les Paul 
Molecular Sciences - contact Nils Mikkelsen 
Plant Biology - contact Christian Divander 


Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
Les Paul 
Room: D-341
Phone: 2710
Mobil: 0707663552

Molecular Sciences
Nils Mikkelsen
Phone: 3186
Mobil: 0707317890

Plant Biology
Christian Divander
Rum: E-474
Phone: 3309
Mobil: 0761273699

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