Soil tillage

Last changed: 30 August 2018

Different tillage systems

Soil loosening requirement

Ultuna (1974) Clay R2-4007 soil compaction Skåne (1975) Glacial light clay R2-4008 fertiliser placement Rödbäcksdalen (1976) Clayey till R2-4009 straw handling Lanna (1974) R2-4010

Oxidation of peat

Stenstugu (1976) peat R2-4014

Direct drilling  

Lanna (1982) Heavy clay  R2-4017

Timing of tillage in autumn – impact on yield, soil structure and nitrogen mineralisation

Utuna (1999) Heavy clay 1999 R2-4111

Low soil stress in cultivation with and without ploughing

3 experiments. The experiments include a treatment with permanent ley as reference

Säby (1997) Heavy/light/medium clay R2-7115

Nitrogen-efficient soil tillage

A conventional tillage system is compared with a nitrogen-efficient system. Drained plots. In the N-efficient system, we are applying all known information on how leaching can be decreased. 

 Mellby (1998) sand  R2-8407