Maximilian Schulte

Last changed: 01 June 2021
Maximilian Schulte

Maximilian Schulte is a doctoral student at SLU specializing in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

He holds a M.Sc. in Bioeconomy from the University of Hohenheim, and a B.Sc. in Geography from the University of Bonn. In his Master thesis, he performed an LCA on bio-based value chains of agriculturally and silviculturally sourced biomass used for insulation materials. Next to this, he worked as a student researcher at the American University of Armenia where he focused his work on the localization of potential afforestation areas.

PhD project presentation

Urgently needed mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions requires both, efforts to increase removals from and reduce emissions to the atmosphere for which the forest sector and harvested wood products play a pivotal role. In his PhD project, Maximilian assesses time dynamic climate effects of wood products from a system perspective applying LCA methodology. In the context of the overall goal of the collaboration area, he aims to increase knowledge on questions such as:

What are the climate effects of short-lived and long-lived wood products in the regard of a system perspective?

In how far does biogenic carbon in standing biomass, the soil, and the wood products influence the overall climate effect?

What are the implications of a cascading usage of wood (i.e. the reuse for another wood product) on the time-dynamic climate effects?

What are the roles of effects from material and energy substitution in a time-dynamic climate assessment?

From a climate perspective, is it preferable to change forest management in order to increase carbon storage, or harvest in order to exploit substitution effects?

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