Worth knowing - lecture series in Umeå

Last changed: 28 September 2020

This autumns lectures will start on October 7.

The lectures are live streamed and last around 30 minutes.

Time: 12:10.

Location: Online. You will find the link on this web page. The lectures will also be live streamed on the SLU Libray Facebook.

Most of the lectures in this series is only available in Swedish, see the Swedish web page (switch language in the top menu of this page). Previous lectures have been filmed and are available on this page.

Worth knowing. Illustration.

Programme, autumn 2020

October 7 Cost-effective sampling of uncommon landscape features 
Speaker: Sven Adler, SLU

October 21 Transforming the tropical timber value chain
Speaker: Rosa Goodman, SLU

November 4 Multiple-use forest management - comparing apples and oranges?
Speaker: Peichen Gong, SLU

November 18 The future forestry machine - an intelligent teammate?
Speaker: Pedro La Hera, SLU

December 2 Why are animal movements important in the era of global change?
Speaker: Navinder Singh, SLU


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February 26 The role of mixed forest in a changing climate Speaker: Jorge Aldea, SLU

Watch the lectures, autumn 2019 (in English)

9 October: Delicious mushrooms pre-process wood for bioethanol production. Speaker: Shaojun Xiong, SLU

23 October: M&M: Can money and management reduce tropical forest degradation? Speaker: Francisco X Aguilar Cabezas, SLU

6 November: Leftovers or a buffet – What nitrogen is plant available in forest soil? Speaker: Sandra Jämtgård, SLU

20 November: Citizen Science. Speakers: René Van Der Wal och Tim Hofmeester, SLU

4 December: Global biomass mapping through NASA's GEDI mission. Speaker: Svetlana Saarela, SLU

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8 May 2019: Will Children Create Climate Change Concern among Denialists in the United States? Speaker: Nils Peterson, North Carolina State University. (in English)

Watch the lecture.

Look at presentation.

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3 October: Next generation forest maps provide more information for sustainable forest management Speaker: Eva Lindberg, SLU

Watch the lecture.

17 October: CANCELLED

31 October: Genomic Selection: New Tool in Tree Breeding? Speaker: Harry Wu, SLU

Watch the lecture.

14 November: The land-atmosphere exchange of green-house gases of boreal ecosystems under climate change Speaker: Mats Nilsson, SLU

Watch the lecture.

28 November: Varför biologisk mångfald är bra för vår hälsa Speaker: Frauke Ecke, SLU (in Swedish)

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23 May 2018: A Nitrogen Story. Speaker: Torgny Näsholm, professor and winner of the Marcus Wallenberg price.

Watch the lecture.

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12 April 2017: Forestry, sustainable development and everything. Speaker: Peter Holmgren, Director-General of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). (in English)

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