Research at the Swedish Livestock Research Centre, SLU Lövsta lantbruksforskning

Last changed: 28 November 2022
Sampling for diagnosis of RS virus in cattle at the Swedish Livestock Research Center, SLU. foto
Jean-Francois Valarcher and Sara Hägglund taking samples for diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in cattle. Photographer: Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU

The Swedish Livestock Research Centre is an important facility for research and teaching. The facility includes dairy cattle, pigs and poultry.

Current research projects

Completed research projects

On an average 10 research projects are running daily at the facility.

At the Swedish Livestock Reserach Center at Lövsta, seven km south-east of Uppsala, SLU:s researchers, international researchers and researchers from private enterprise will be offered a unique research environment, where new animal production technologies can be researched and tested. A facility where research of the highest quality within animal welfare and animal health, climate-smart animal management and sustainable food production will be conducted.

The students at the faculty of veterinary medicine and animal science, VH, will be taught here at some point of their education. The animals are central in the research and education, but are also part of the facility´s basic food production.

The Research process

Schematic view over the research process (opens as a pdf)

Request for a Research Project

Make a request for a research project at Lövsta by filling out the research request form (opens in pdf 1MB). The research coordinator and staff at the research centre will reply with a recommendation for a research plan and a cost estimate for the research project.

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Contact Research and Education Coordinators

Lotta Jönsson, Research and Education Coordinator the Swedish Livestock Research Centre, SLU, +4618673217

Julia Österberg, Research and Education Coordinator, the Swedish Livestock Research Centre, SLU, +4618671457

Ann-Charlotte Karlsson, Research and Education Coordinator the Swedish Livestock Research Centre, SLU, +4618672948

Johanna Grundin, Research and Education Coordinator the Swedish Livestock Research Centre, SLU, +4618671698