About the Faculty

Last changed: 06 February 2020

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences we work with most aspects of our animal's lives and health, including farm animals as well as sports animals and pets.

The faculty is the only one in Sweden with the competence to carry out advanced, large-scale research with cattle, pigs, horses and poultry, as well as clinical research with these species and dogs and cats. Studies of animal diseases, their origins and modes of transmission can also lead to further understanding of human diseases.

Humans are as owners of livestock and pets, but also as consumer of animal food with the right to expect safe food produced in sustainable systems with good animal welfare.

Our thematic breadth is extensive, from animal husbandry, animal health and welfare, food safety and quality well to public health. In all these areas, we do resaerch and educate at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

The Faculty's education programs are popular. Many of them are among the most popular in Sweden. The courses combine theory and practice and the students have very good opportunities to find work after graduation.

The Faculty's research is among the world's top, with research networks that are world leaders in their fields.


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, SLU
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