Cleaning and disinfection at swedish slaughterhouses

Last changed: 11 June 2021
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Cleaning and disinfection are critical elements for meat premises when it comes to production of safe food of high quality. The meat premises have to ensure that this is done efficiently to keep levels of pathogenic, spoilage and antimicrobial resistant bacteria low. This can be particularly challenging if bacterial biofilms are present, which can make bacteria resist cleaning and disinfection.

The project aims to reduce pathogenic, spoilage and antimicrobial resistant bacteria at slaughterhouses and meat production plants. This is performed by characterizing bacteria using whole genome sequencing, determining their ability to form biofilm at surfaces in slaughterhouses and meat production plants, and by evaluating how efficient different cleaning and disinfection methods are with a particular focus on biofilm. The project is performed in cooperation with meat premises and contributes to increased shelf life and safer food of animal origin, which benefit the consumers.

Research group:

Madeleine Moazzami, BVF
Ingrid Hansson, BVF
Sofia Boqvist, BVF
Ivar Vågsholm, BVF