New innovative cell culture method for immunological studies of parasite infection in horses

Last changed: 22 March 2021
Close up of a brown horse where only parts of the face and the horse are visible, photo.

Today, anthelmintic resistance in combination with an increased prevalence of parasites, especially large bloodworms, poses an increased threat to the horse industry, which increases the need for the development of new preventative methods for good equine welfare. In order to better study immune reactions in the intestine of the horse, a group of researchers at SLU has started a project aimed at setting up and testing a new cell culture method.

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The one-year project was launched in 2019 and was financed by SLU Future One Health (previously SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health).

SLU Future One Health supports interdisciplinary research that is part of the One Health concept – optimal health and welfare for both humans and animals in sustainable ecosystems.

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