Last changed: 18 April 2017

The research at the Beijer Laboratory for Animal Science (BLAS) aims to make better use of data automatically collected at high-tech farms so that management and breeding of future generations of dairy cows may be as efficient as possible.

Data has been routinely collected for more than 60 years through the official milk recording and artificial insemination activities in Sweden, but a large amount of data is now possible to collect in modern dairy farms through sensors and recording systems. In addition, there is an increasing use of molecular characterization of animals on different biological levels through genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

This development means that there is now access to large amounts of data (Big data), that often are both heterogeneous and with complex structures. The goal of our research is to use all this data to provide information as optimal as possible. This requires basic research into information management and model development. The focus of the research at BLAS is a combination of mathematics, statistics and computer science (e.g. computational statistics, machine learning and mathematical optimization). A large part of the research is, however, interdisciplinary and involves genetics, animal science, engineering as well as veterinary epidemiology.

The Beijer Laboratory for Animal Science is one part of the Beijer laboratories in Uppsala, Sweden, and is financed by a donation from the Kjell and Märta Beijers Foundation (Beijerstiftelsen). Two scientists are working at the laboratory, Patrik Waldmann and Majbritt Felleki. One other scientist and one PhD-student are associated with BLAS, and Ulf Emanuelson is the assistant director. Examples of on-going research projects are:

Please contact Patrik, Majbritt or Ulf for more information.


Patrik Waldmann, Researcher
Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU, +46(0)18-67 19 75

Majbritt Felleki, Researcher
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU, +46(0)18 67 26 53, +46(0)725 495826

Ulf Emanuelson, Professor
Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU, +46(0)18-67 18 26