Calf diarrhoea in Swedish dairy herds

Last changed: 04 January 2023

Bovine calicivirus and calf diarrhoea in Swedish dairy herds

Neonatal diarrhoeas are among the most important disease problems in young calves. In a large proportion of the cases, none of the common pathogens can be diagnosed. Bovine caliciviruses cause diarrhoea in young calves, but due to lack of efficient diagnostic methods little is known about their epidemiology and transmission. New methods open possibilities to systematically study the prevalence of bovine caliciviruses, their association with disease and which factors facilitate transmission. In a recent pilot study, we detected two types of caliciviruses in relatively high frequencies in young calves with diarrhoea.

The present project investigates the epidemiology, inter- and intra-herd transmission of these infections. We also aim at identifying management factors associated with increased risk for infection.

Such knowledge is essential to be able to efficiently prevent infection and disease.

Co-applicant: Ulf Emanuelson
Collaborator: Enheten för djurhälsa och antibiotikafrågor SVA Virologen SVA


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