About the research school Sustainable Biomass Systems

Last changed: 02 November 2020

The aim of the research school Sustainable Biomass Systems is to offer participating students broad knowledge and insight in the field of biomass systems, promoting contacts between researchers, society and industry.

The research school is an umbrella organization, open to all postgraduate students who are active within the field of sustainable biomass. Postgraduate students from other universities in Sweden and abroad are also most welcome to join the school, however SLU students are given priority in limited space.

A program to promote contacts with society and industry

The most significant activities are a series of courses and workshops, including  courses and study trips within the field of sustainable biomass. The courses aim to engage students in different aspects of biomass systems, such as technical, social, economical and environmental issues, as well as introduce students to tools for environmental assessment. Read more about our activites here.

Director of Studies

Mattias Eriksson

Director of studies at the research school Sustainable Biomass Systems
E-mail: mattias.eriksson@slu.se
Telephone: 018-671732

If you have questions or suggestions, the steering committee would be happy to hear them. Please use the contact details below to get in touch.

Steering committe

The steering committee consists of the director of studies, two PhD-students and six SLU researchers. Together the members represent departments at SLU performing research within the biomass field.

Åke Nordberg - Chair
Department of Energy and Technology

Petra Sieber - PhD representative
Department of Energy and Technology

Abhijeet Singh – PhD representative
Department of Molecular Sciences

Richard Ferguson
Department of Economy

Astrid Taylor
Department of Ecology

Martin Weih
Department of Crop Production Ecology

Jerry Ståhlberg
Department of Molecular Science

This research school was previously called the research school Bioenergy.

Director of Studies



Director of studies