Organisation of the Ecology research school

Last changed: 22 August 2018

Here, the organisation of the research school Ecology - basics and applications can be found.


Helena Bylund, Associate Professor at the Department of Ecology

Telephone: 018-672328

Steering committee                       

Members of the steering group

  • Professor Tomas Roslin, Department of Ecology (Chair)
  • Professor Erik Peterson, Department of Aquatic Resources
  • Professor Henrik Andrén, Department of Ecology
  • Assistant Professor Maria Viketoft, Department of Ecology
  • Assistant Professor Giulia Vico, Department of Crop Producton Ecology
  • PhD student Renee Van Dorst, Department of Aquatic Resources
  • PhD student Kate Wootton, Department of Ecology
  • PhD student Stefanie Hoebe, Department of Crop Producton Ecology

Deputy members of the steering group

  • Assistant Professor Erik Öckinger, Department of Ecology (Vice Chairman)
  • Professor Anna Gårdmark, Department of Aquatic Resources
  • Assistant Professor Joachim Strengbom, Department of Ecology
  • Assistant Professor Robert Glinwood, Department of Crop Producton Ecology
  • PhD student Viktor Thulin, Department of Aquatic Resources
  • PhD student Julian Klein, Department of Ecology
  • PhD student Elsa Lagerquist, Department of Crop Producton Ecology

Ecology - basics and applications is a research school for PhD students with an interest in basic and applied ecological research.

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