Biosfären, MVM building (ground floor), Uppsala

Workshop on the Analysis Portal – an e-infrastructure for biodiversity data

The Analysis portal provides a single entry point to all data within the Swedish LifeWatch infrastructure. The portal enables free access to biodiversity and environmental data and a range of analytical and visualisation services. Come and learn how to use it with your own data and research questions!

During the first half of the workshop you get an introduction into biodiversity informatics in general, more specific inform about the national databases that are connected to the e-infrastructure, and the access to environmental data provided via the Analysis portal.

A range of analytical and visualisation services will be demonstrated, like species richness grid map, time series histogram, species observation map and ecological niche modelling.

The second half includes different “hands-on” exercises, e.g. download species observation tables, view species observation results as a grid map, show how to use spatial filter, combine species observation data with environmental data etc. Simple examples how to run the plankton toolbox or ecological niche models can be given.

Bring your OWN DATA and your OWN LAPTOP!


Time: 2015-05-27 13:00 - 16:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Biosfären, MVM building (ground floor)
Organiser: Research Schools FoSW, Ecology, Organism Biology and LifeWatch
Last signup date: 15 May 2015
Additional info:

The Analysis portal is a web portal where Swedish species observations can be analysed and compared with different kinds of environmental or climatic data. The portal will support data retrieval from all available data providers of species observations that are connected to the Swedish LifeWatch infrastructure.

The e-infrastructure for biodiversity data that will be presented here is for researchers, conservation biologist and policy makers, for frontline research and a better understanding and suitable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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