Lunch Seminar: Isotopic Explorations of Fungal Functioning in Ecosystems - 16th March

Last changed: 22 February 2017

Erik A. Hobbie -  Research Professor of Terrestrial Ecology at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for the Study ofEarth, Oceans, and Space

Fungi are ubiquitous in terrestrial ecosystems, with many either being key decomposers (saprotrophs) or forming symbioses with many of the dominant plants of temperate, boreal, and tundra ecosystems (ectomycorrhizal fungi). In this latter function, fungi receive carbon as sugars and in return supply nutrients to their host plants, with fungi differing greatly in their exploration strategies and enzymatic capabilities. Here, we explore fungal functioning using stable isotope (C and N) and radiocarbon measurements, including: (1) saprotrophic lawn fungi as integrators of competition between C3 and C4 grasses in lawns, (2) wood decay fungi partitioning resources among species based on the age of the wood being assimilated, (3) fungivorous small mammals preserving a signal of organic nitrogen uptake by fungi in their hair, and (4) linking exploration type in ectomycorrhizal fungi to enzymatic capabilities, carbon demand, and where fungi are active in the soil profile.


Please join us for a free lunch followed by a seminar and discussion.

 Register for a free lunch by e-mail by March 9th at 15:00. Please inform if you have any dietary restrictions. Lunch is served at 11:30 and the seminar starts at 12.00. Lunch will be served in the area outside where the seminar will be held in Undervisningshuset (downstairs).

Katrin Rychel, Tina Putz, Jenna Senecal and Minh Nguyen


Time: March 16th 11:30 - 13:00

City: Uppsala

Location: Undervisningshuset Sal L

Arranger: FoSW

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