Tammsalen - Ecology Building

Lunch seminar "Terrestrial bioenergetics – A new approach for evaluating microbial metabolism in soils”

By Anke M. Herrmann , Researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, SLU


Soil microorganisms and their activity play a central role in carbon and nutrient cycling, but the importance of microbial diversity in ecosystem functioning is still debated. Based on basal and substrate-induced respiration approaches, there is a general consensus that the diversity of microbial metabolic processes is poorly related to overall soil function such as e.g. carbon sequestration, soil fertility. This is due to the inherent functional redundancy that exists within many microbial communities. We recently devised a novel thermodynamically based approach for gaining improved comprehension of microbial community function using microbial energetics in terrestrial ecosystems. Pertinent to this, we propose the nominal oxidation state of carbon as a universal metric of the availability of energy in organic substrate for microbial metabolism. By taking an energetic view of soil microbial metabolism, we may improve (i) our prediction of microbial feedback mechanisms and ecosystem responses to climate change, and (ii) further our understanding of the link between microbial community composition and soil functioning. In this lunch seminar, I will provide an overview on new insights gained by using a terrestrial bioenergetics approach.


Time: 2016-01-27 11:30 - 13:00
Location: Tammsalen - Ecology Building
Last signup date: 25 January 2016
Additional info:

Register for lunch (free of charge) by e-mail to Katrin no later than 25th of January at 12:00. Please inform if you have any food allergies/restrictions. Lunch will be served before the seminar at 11:30.