Mobility support

Last changed: 10 May 2016

Here, you can find information on how you as a PhD student can get mobility support, e.g. for conferences.

Mobility support

There are several possibilities to obtain support for the extra costs associated with attending conferences or courses outside SLU. The research school Focus on soils and water has set aside a sum for mobility support for the PhD students within the research school but there are also opportunities for all PhD students to apply for travel grants from SLU or external sources (some links to external sources are listed under "SLU general travel grants").

PhD students can apply for travel grants from SLU twice a year.

Criteria for Focus on Soils & Water’s mobility support

FoSW has per year set aside 50 kSEK for mobility support (25 kSek each half year). These can be applied for by FoSW PhD-students and FoSW PhDs who defended their PhD less than 6 months ago with a valid employment at SLU. The support can be used to cover extra costs like travel (economy fare), lodging, insurance, local transport and course fee or course literature but not for salary or per diem (traktament).

FoSW has the following order of priority for use of mobility support:

  1. To attend a PhD-course at another university. The course should be a course in a topic essential for the applicant, but for which there are too few FoSW PhD-students to motivate that FoSW would organize such a course. Maximum for attending a course is 10 KSek for one week and 20 KSek for two or more weeks. A letter of recommendation of principal supervisor that (s)he perceives the course as essential for the PhD-student's education is required.
  2. For visiting scholarship of 1-6 months at collaboration institute or department. A letter of invitation of host department and letter of recommendation of principal supervisor are needed. Maximum for 1 month stay is 10 KSek and 25 KSek for longer visits.
  3. For preferably oral presentation at international conference/workshop abroad. Maximum amount is 10 KSek. The same person can only by exception more than once get a stipend for presentation at international conference/workshop abroad from FoSW.

The application should contain a budget, a short motivation (one paragraph), applicant's address and affiliation and information to which SLU account it should be paid. (FoSW pays only accounts of SLU departments). Mobility support will not be more than the applied amount. If the application concerns an international conference, it MUST be mentioned in the application if the applicant has an abstract accepted for oral presentation or if an oral presentation was applied for.

The support should be applied before leaving. The directors of studies should receive a complete application at least two weeks before nearest meeting of steering committee (check homepage or contact directors of studies for the exact days). Incomplete applications are not taken into consideration. The application should be send digitally and as signed paper version to Maria Kahlert.

The support is transferred to the research account after the report is approved by the FoSW Steering Committee. The report (1-3 pages depending on amount) should contain a short description of benefits and outcome (publication f.i.), the budget of the original application, a financial report including copies of receives and account information of your project (FoSW pays only accounts of SLU departments). You can also add a copy of the course schedule or the session you gave a presentation.

If the applicant also receives a support/stipend from another agency, the total amount should not exceed the total actual costs for travel, lodging, insurance and local transport.

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