Mar 4 (markhuset), Uppsala

PhD-course 'An introduction to R and MS Access'

PhD-course 'An introduction to R and MS Access' (1.5 ECTS)

The course will give an introduction to database design, MS Access, and R programming for data management, and their ‘combined’ use. The course doesn’t aim to cover the whole range of skills that can be learned, but offers an introduction to the use of the vast (statistical) toolbox and programming capabilities of R.


Time: 2010-02-15 08:00 - 2010-02-18 17:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Mar 4 (markhuset)
Organiser: Focus on Soils and Water
Last signup date: 31 December 2010
Additional info:
1.MS Access: * Conceptualise your data and design a database; * Implement a relational database in MS Access to store your data; * Retrieve or subset your data, with MS Access queries; * Create elementary forms to fill and view the data; 2.R programming: * Elementary R programming; * Import / export data in / from R (from text files, csv file, excel and Access); * Create and customise graphics / plots in R; * Use R’s standard statistical functionalities (quick overview); * Manipulate and process data in R: * Arithmetic / statistical / logical operations in R; * Create your own functions (customized operations or plots); * Use loops (i.e. batch computing) and other programming tricks; The course will be based on 3 simple example dataset: a dataset of soil profiles description / analysis, a time series of pesticide monitoring in surface water and a dataset of results from modelling of solute transport in soil.