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Biogeochemical cycles at different scales, 3 ECTS

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The course is part of the research school Focus on Soils and Waters (FoSW) and comprises 3 ECTS: of one week of pre-course literature preparations, followed by the workshop 12–16 March. The workshop is based on invited lecturers, group discussions and student-involved presentations. Official invitation and opening of a course web page will be announced by the beginning of December. The course will treat the following themes and aspects:

- Evolution of the Earth system and feed-back mechanisms of global biogeochemical processes

- Element storage, transformation and transport in and between soil, water and atmosphere.

- Processes at different scales in time and space

- Discussions of fluxes, boundaries, feedback, tipping points and natural archives

- Identfying abiotic, biotic and antropopgenic drivers and feedbacks


Time: 2012-03-12 08:00 - 18:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Uppsala
Organiser: FOSW
Additional info:

A more detailed programme will come with the official invitation. Questions can be addressed to the course organizers:

Stephan Köhler,
Dep of Water and Environment, SLU and

Magnus Simonsson,
Dep of soil and Environment, SLU