GS-VMAS Guide organising seminars/workshops

Last changed: 15 March 2023

Quick reference guide for organising seminars and workshops within GS-VMAS

1. Notice of interest for seminar /workshop within VMAS: Senda notice of interest to GS-VMAS ( with a preliminary schedule and a   short description of the content and a budget. Budget: A template for the budget can be downloaded from GS-VMAS homepage:

Workshops and seminars should normally be given in English. A clear motivation is required if the workshop or seminar will be given in Swedish. GS-VMAS encourages the organizers to facilitate participation by videolink.

GS-VMAS will normally respond within 1 month however workshops and seminars with large budgets might require a decision by the steering committee. I such case the handling will take up to 3 months

2. Announcement: GS-VMAS will announce all of its activities on GS-VMAS homepage and all graduate students on the VH-faculty will also receive e-mail with the information.  Eventual extended announcements towards for instance other faculties at SLU or towards Uppsala University may be decided in dialogue with GS-VMAS.

Required information for announcement include: title, date and place for the planned activity, short information about the activity and contact information including email address for the person who will receive the applications. Please send also a photo relevant for the activity.  The aboce information shold be sent to

3. Applications should be sent to the person who has applied for organisation of the activity (seminar or worhshop)

4. Lokaler: The course organizer is responsible for booking of room. Rooms in VHC that van be booked via Outlook are free of charge and should be used if possible. Other rooms should may be booked via Kronox These rooms are however charged. The costs for such rooms should be clearly stated in the budget.  

5. Food etc: It is possible offer the participants for instance food or sandwishes as long as the costs are reasonable and fit within the budget. The patricipants should state specific food preferences already when the application is submitted.

6. Reporting: After finishing the activity the following information should be handed in to GS- VMAS

  • A complete list of participants with the number of post graduate students specified
  • A final schedule

The report should be handed in no later than one month after that the activity is finished.

7. Remuneration:

  • For external lecturers, a generic sum of 950 kr (incl LKP) per h x factor 3 (including 2 hours preparation time) is recommended, i.e 3 x 950= 2850 sek. It is also possible to agree on other remunerations beforehand if it is room for it in the budget. The lecturer should send the economical claims as an invoice but let the external lecturer know that all purchases in the Swedish public sector must be invoiced electronically (e-invoice). A pdf file does not count as an e-invoice. Please direct them to for information on how to send an e-invoice.
  • Lectures within SLU claim remuneration according the salary still with the factor 3. The personel administrator can help with information about the salaries. 

  • Invoice address:
    SLU Fakturamottagning
    Box 7090
    750 07 Uppsala
    Referens 713ALB

The remuneration for covering the the costs will be payed after that the course has been reported according to  #6 above.

8. Useful information:

  • VHC handling of key cards:  Cards for temporary visitors are issued by VHC service (vhc-service@slu.setel 018 -671169).  VHC service is also handling lost cards etc
  • AV support: Technical support in all lecture rooms at SLU is handled by SLU AV support. Wi-Fi & guest accounts:
    Contact Tel: 018 - 67 2010