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Search for courses at PhD level, SLU
Instruction for searching courses - choose Location e.g. Alnarp and Semester e.g. Academic year 2019/20, if you are interested in that period. 

NOVA University Network offers a number of PhD courses each year.

PCLS courses, one-week life science courses during the autumn in collaboration with Lund University, Application is in May through their homepage

Courses given at three research schools at Centre of Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University are open for PhD students at SLU.

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Agenda 2030


Travel grants and stipends

Basic courses at the LTV faculty

PLG0050 Introductory course for PhD students, 1.5 credits. Autumn every year. Contact: Anna Maria Palsdottir

Introductory day for PhD students. Every year, next time 9 March 2021. Contact: Åsa Lankinen 

PLG0045 Ethics and philosophy of science, 4.5 credits. In autumn every year. Contact: Maria Ernfors 

PLG0049 How to write and publish a scientific paper, 3.0 credits. 29 October - 5 March, six meetings. Contact: Kristina Karlsson Green no later than 1 September.

PLG0046 Popular science communication, 3.0 credits. Every second year, next time 2022. Contact: Kristina Karlsson Green 

PLS0064 Basic Statistics, 4.0 credits. In spring every year, this spring it is 26 April -12 May 2021. Deadline for application 9 April. Contact: Adam Flöhr

PLS0067 Statistical metods - an overview, 4.5 credits. In January - February each year, next time January 2022. Contact: Jan-Eric Englund

PLG0044 Treatment of data in qualitative inquiry, 4.5 credits. Contact: Elisabeth von Essen

POG0059 Teaching in higher education, 4.5 credits. Several times and locations per year, more information see courses & seminars.

POG0076 Information retrieval and methods for scientific communication, distance course, 3.0 credits. Twice per year; Oct-Nov and March-May, 20% pace. Contact: Camilla Söderquist with application to:

POG0077 Leading organisations, projects and processes, 3.0 credits. Sep-Nov, three meetings. Given in Uppsala, possible to follow as a distance course. Contact: Lotta Jäderlund, Apply for course

POG0079 Cross-disciplinary perspectives, 2.0 credits. Distance and in Uppsala, Oct-Nov, three meetings. Contact: Carin Martiin, Apply for course



Subject courses at the LTV faculty

PLS0062 Analytical and quantitative, PCLS course, 3 credits. Contact: Björn Bohman

PLS0030 Analytical methods in chemical ecology, 6 credits. Every second year, next time 2-12 August 2021. Contact: Björn Bohman

PLS0073 Common Microscopy Methods in Biological Research, 3 credits. One week in November or December 2021, course date not yet decided. Contact: Salla Marttila

PLS0038 Insect chemical ecology, 7.5 credits. Every third year, June 2021. Contact: Paul Becher

PLS0069 Plant protection biology to meet the UN's sustaniable development goals, 7 credits. Every second year, next time 2022. Contact: Erik Alexandersson

PLS0070 Research Methods: Nature, Space, Belonging, 5 credits.  Spring 2021. Contact: Max Ritts

PLS0079 Researching (urban) Landscape Governance & Management, 5 credits. 22 April - 29 April. Contact: Thomas Randrup no later than 7 April.

Combined master/PhD courses

PLS0078 Advanced Landscape Theory, 15 credits. Autumn 2021. Contact: Maria Kylin

PLS0046 Applied plant biotechnology, 7.5 (15) credits Autumn every year, next time 2021. Contact: Li-Hua Zhu

PLG0048 Landscape theory in landscape architectural and landscape planning practice in a multiple-generational/cultural society, 10(15) credits, usually Nov-Jan. Contact: Anna Jakobsson

PLG0051 Popular scientific presentation with focus on sustainable development, 1.5 credits. 21 January-17 February 2021. Contact: Thomas Prade


Individual courses at the LTV faculty

Introduction paper, 10 credits

Individual subject course, variable - max 15 credits

Seminar series, 3 credits (Seminar series in Horticum is currently given, course leader: Helle Turesson.)

Conferences, 3 credits

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