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Philosophy of Social Science for postgraduate students II: Critical Theory and Critical Realism, 5 credits

Course time: 26 November 2018-7 January 2019

Course Leader: Örjan Bartholdson, Senior Lecturer, Division of Rural Development, 

Sign up: no later than 19 November

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Research Ethics for Qualitative Methods, 3 or 5 credits

Course time: 12-30 November 2018

Course LeaderPer Sandin, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Agricultural cropping systems,

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Analytical reading and writing, 6 credits

Time: September 2017–April 2018

Course leader: Professor Adam Pain • Contact:  

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Governance at the ‘edge’ of the State: political subjectivity and citizenship, 5 credits

Time: August 15–September 30, 2017 (with lectures September 12–15)

Course leader: Professor Andrea Nightingale • Application before June 15 to:

Students should submit CV and 1 page application explaining why they are interested in the course and how it is relevant to their own research to:

A 200 euro course fee applies to non NOVA students. For more information on this, see:

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Writing for Policy Audiences (1,5 credits)

with Professor Emery Roe

Time: December 1-8, 2015
Venue: Ulls hus Ekhaga D327

Authorship and Acknowledgement Practices in Participatory Research (1,5 credits)

with Professor Louise Fortmann

Time: December 14-15
Venue: Ulls hus, Ekhaga D327

Policy, Practice and Organizations (4 credits)

with Emery Roe, Senior researcher, University of California, Berkeley

Date and time: May 27 (9:00-16:00) – May 28 (9:00-12:00) Venue: The Big seminar room, Department of Urban and Rural Development, Ulls väg 28 

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Contact and registration: Seema Arora-Johnsson,



Gender, Development and Environmental Governance, 7,5 credits

Time: May 22-June 22 2017

Course leaders: Dr Seema Arora-Jonsson,

Students should submit half to one page description of their research/work and a few lines on what you would like to get from the course. Instructions on this will be sent out to you once you have applied.

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Commons, Sustainability, Democratization (5 credits)

September 12-October 7 (with plenary part September 19-22)

Course coordinator: Hans Peter Hansen, 

Last day of application September 2 2016. Write 300-500 words on why you want to do the course. Send to: 

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Interdisciplinary research in practice: exploring future agriculture and land use (5 or 7.5 credits)

1 October–9 December 2016 (5 credits) or 1 October–30 January 2017 (7.5 credits). Compulsory field week: 10–14 October 2016

Course coordinator: Stina Powell

Apply by following the following link to fill in a registration form including a short presentation of your graduate project and research interests in relation to this course:

Last day for application 27th of May 2016

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Environmental governance (7,5 credits)

September 5-October 28 2016.

Course coordinator: Professor Andrea Nightingale,

Last day of application August 19 2016. Write 300-500 words on why you want to do the course. Send to:

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Environmental Communication (7,5 credits)

Time: August 28-October 23, 2015

Course leader: Nadarajah Sriskandarajah,

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Global History of Agriculture (7,5 credits)

Time: February 24-June 2, 2015
Contact persons: Carin Martiin,
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Central Policies and Local Practices (7,5 credits)

Time: May 4-15, 2015
Contact person: Kjell Hansen,
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Case Study Methodology (4,5 credits)

Time: Start May 21, 2015
Contact person: Rolf Johansson,
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Rural Entrepreneurship (7.5 credits)

Time: April 8-May 28, 2015
Contact person: Richard Ferguson, Richard Ferguson
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Analytical reading and writing (6 credits)

Time: October 2014-April 2015 Contact persons: Tim Richardson, & Adam Pain, 
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Interdisciplinary research in practice: exploring future agriculture and land use (7,5 credits)

Time: Autumn 2014 Contact person:
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Gender, development and environmental governance (7,5 credits)

Time: Sept-Oct 2014Contact person:
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Modern research methods for post-graduate students (7,5 credits)

Time: April 4-29 • Course leaders: Örjan Bartholdson and Kjell Hansen •  Link to course website »

Case study methodology (4,5 credits)

Time: May 2-20 + June 10 (classes will take place May 9-13 and June 10) • Course leader: Camilo Calderon • Link to course website »

Theory and methods of design, 5 credits

Time: May 23–June 9 • Course leader: Rolf Johansson •  Link to course website »


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