Biomass Technology Centre (BTC)

Last changed: 13 September 2023

Pilot plant for upgrading and characterization of biomass, biomaterials and biobased side-products.

Biomass Technology Center (BTC) is a pilot plant for research, development, innovation, and education on the processing and pretreatment of biomass and by-products from bio-based industries. Our unique expertise lies in the industrially relevant R&D that we conduct throughout the value chain, from raw materials to end-use. Our vision is to develop innovative technologies to achieve greater efficiency in bio-based industrial processes. Our infrastructural resources include comminution, drying, grinding, fractionating, compacting (pelletizing and briquetting), thermal processing, and combustion in both bench- and pilot-scale. We conduct sampling and perform chemical and physical characterization in-house or in collaboration with others

The research at BTC focuses on processes that simplify the use of bio-based by-products so that it becomes easier for industries to opt-out of fossil alternatives. By developing knowledge in the interface of inherent raw material properties and the downstream processes, we can design pretreatment methods to tailor industrial feedstock and create functional components for new products.

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