Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

Last changed: 17 January 2020

The research at Grimsö focuses on wildlife species where the main topics include ecology, management and prevention of wildlife damages.

At Grimsö wildlife research station usually ca 25-40 projects are running annually. Since the 1990;ies extensive research have been conducted on large carnivores, but a number of other species and wildlife related issues are also continuously under study e.g. on some ungulate species, cranes and geese but also on ticks and some social science projects. In common for most projects are a combination of pure scientific studies and an applied and/or management related orientation. At Grimsö also Wildlife Damage Center is housed, and they work mainly with information and education about preventive actions for wildlife damages caused by protected species.

Besides the above, Grimsö is also part of SITES i.e. a national network of
biological field stations where biological monitoring is conducted and where external researcher are welcome to use the infrastructure and/or already collected data. The longterm monitoring data at Grimsö constitute wildlife surveys, forest data etc. and service to researchers include e.g. field work competence, immobilization, a DNA-lab, freezers etc.



Gunnar Jansson

Henrik Andrén

Petter Kjellander

Inga Ängsteg

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