Research vessel RV Asterix

Last changed: 01 November 2017

Research vessel equipped with echo sounders and trawls.

Main use in the Swedish large lakes. RV Asterix is equipped for scientific echo sounding, trawling and gill net fishing. The vessel can also serve as platform for other field activities.

Facts about RV Asterix.

Model: Stigfjord 40 (2002)
Length: 12 m, Width 4 m
Power: 350 hp
Keel depth 1.5 m
Speed 10 knots

Trawls, depth-/temperature sensors, nethauler, winches, scale,
scientific echo sounders (38 & 120 kHz)

Seachart plotters, GPS, vessel echo sounder, radar, communication systems, AIS

On the boat
Basic, simple kitchen (gas)
Four beds
Extra refrigerator/freezer

Security equipped for four persons

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