Södergård at Alnarp

Last changed: 06 April 2018
Front side of Södergård farm house with outdoor weather station.

Climate-controlled production animal housing, ammonia measurement and capture, monitoring of floor properties (both dry and slurry-contaminated) and their effects on cattle mobility on Welfare.

Alnarp Södergård is a barn - building laboratory - equipped to perform
unique farm animal laboratory studies on climate and environment. The building has two separate compartments where one is mainly aimed for studies on poultry and chickens and the other is equipped for pigs. The climate chamber for chickens and laying hens can provide studied parameters as temperature, light and humidity constant independent of season and weather outdoors by the help of heat and cooling equipment
conditioning the air volume surrounding the chamber. The pig research unit can easily be remodeled for different purposes suitable for i.e. air quality and emission studies since manure handling and ventilation are specially constructed for environmental experiments. Presently detailed laboratory studies on different floorings are performed.

The objectives of the broiler projct is to:

• Develop a method suited for field measurements of ammonia emissions from Swedish production chicken houses

• Quantify the emissions of ammonia, methane and nitrous oxide

• Study the importance of temperature, humidity, and litter moisture content concerning emissions of ammonia in regard to: a) improved production, and b) carbon dioxide production used as a factor in the intended model development

The project is performed as a lab study where batches of 300 chickens are fed up at the climate chamber at Alnarps Södergård where floor heating is available.

The aim of the flooring study is to evaluate different physical properties of
floors in cattle barns to assess the suitability in an animal welfare perspective.



Linda Tufvesson


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