Dyntaxa Swedish Taxonomic Database

Last changed: 01 September 2020

A concept based taxonomic database with scientific names of all organisms in the Swedish nature.

Dyntaxa is a taxonomic database for organisms occurring in the Swedish nature. You can search for and get information on Swedish name, Scientific name, synonyms, classification, etc. It is possible to explicitly define species concepts and account for historical changes such as splits and lumps.

The database serves among other things as the basis for research with a need to keep track of many species, e.g. series of observational data, or numbers of species for different organismal groups.

Dyntaxa is developed and managed by the Swedish Species Information Centre at SLU and the contents are continuously being updated with the help of taxonomic experts. The goal is for the database to have information on all Swedish eukaryotic species. The database is accessible via both a web site and a web service.


Johan Liljeblad