Swedish cultivated and utility plants database (SKUD)

Last changed: 01 September 2020

In SKUD you will find names of cultivated och utility plants - for example names of old apple cultivars tradionally grown in Sweden.

SKUD offers help if you are uncertain about plant names. The database comprices scientific names, names in Swedish, cultivar names and trade names for cultivated and utility plants (national standard) and related plant information.

Today SKUD comprices more than 117 000 scientific names, cultivar names
and trade names of cultivated and utility plants, and almost 35 000 names
in Swedish. In addition there are more than 5000 plant product names.

Furthermore SKUD gives information about the plant's geographical distribution and life form. References are an important part of the database. There are more than 10 000 searchable references related to names of cultivated and utility plants, their natural occurrence in Sweden and areas of use.



Karin Persson