Swedish LifeWatch

Last changed: 01 September 2020

Swedish LifeWatch is a research infrastructure for biodiversity data.

Swedish LifeWatch is an e-infrastructure for biodiversity research, aiming at making all major biodiversity databases in Sweden interoperable and accessible through standardized web services. The largest data source is Artportalen (Swedish Species Observation System) but a range of other databases at SLU, SMHI, natural history museums, etc are connected to the infrastructure. In total, Swedish LifeWatch provides more than 60 million species observations from over 15 different databases.

The Analysis Portal for Biodiversity Data (www.analysisportal.se) provides a single access point to all data, and a range of analytical services. Swedish LifeWatch also offer several web services – a species observation service, a taxon attribute service, WFS and WMS services, etc.


Anna-Maria Wremp
Holger Dettki
Ulf Gärdenfors