Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Last changed: 22 April 2021

Infrastructure for cell sorting and fluorescence-based cell analysis.

The infrastructure consists of an analysing flow cytometer, BD FACSVerse, capable of simultaneous measurements of 8 fluorescence parameters with excitation from 3 lasers (blue, red, violet). The instrument can be used for analyses of a wide variety of animal and plant cells, microorganisms and other particles.

The Multiplex cytometer Luminex XYP is capable of simultaneous analysis of up to 100 soluble analytes such as cytokines in cell culture media or body fluids.

The SuperMACS II cell sorter can separate up to 1 billion cells in one run
after labelling the cells with paramagnetic-coupled antibodies.

Sorting flow cytometer SONY SH800S. Can sort cells up to 40 μm in diameter into tubes and plates (24-384 wells). Six fluorescence parameters + two scatter parameters.


Anna Svensson

Anders Johannisson

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