Laboratory for stream-water ecology

Last changed: 09 September 2020

Studies of fish in semi-natural environments or more controlled condition in indoor facilities.

The Fishery Research Station in Älvkarleby offer opportunities to conduct
reserach using four different basic facilities. (1). The 'creek-room'. This
facility can either be used for smaller aquarias and/or an indoor creek (with gravel bottom) can be assambled. The maximum lngth of this creek is 40 m. (2) A stream-water aquarium especially designed for behavioural studies of spawning salmonid fishes. It is possible to adjust the light regime and the water current. This aquaria contains about 34000 litre. (3) AN experimental outdoor stream, about 100 m long. All fishes that migrate into the stream and out of it can be caught. The stream can be drained and the fish in it sampled. (4) AN enclosed area of the river, about 400 m long and 40 m wide. Even in this area all fihes that migrate in or out of the area can be caught. Sapling has to be done with electrofishing.

In the '' and in the stream-water aquaria three types of water can be used, unfiltered river water, filtered river water and ground water.



Erik Petersson

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