Proteomics Facility in Alnarp

Last changed: 09 September 2020

We have considerable expertise in the proteomics field and can offer advice and support for proteomics experiments for scientists at SLU, especially in projects with plants, crops and animals.

In a proteomics experiment, experimental design, sample size and sample preparation are critical for the success of the project. For mass spectrometrical (MS) analysis, we collaborate with different centers within the national infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry, in order to get access to up to date MS technology. We also perform data analysis such as peptide and protein identification, identification of modification sites and quantitative analysis, analyses which often constitutes that major part of a proteomics project.

Our services include:

  • General advice about proteomics-related questions and specific experimental design
  • Advice and assistance regarding sample preparation
  • Connecting users with an MS facility and providing advice about the appropriate analysis to order
  • Advice and assistance with qualitative and quantitative data analysis



Erik Andreasson

Svante Resjö

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