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Rural development

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.

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Flora Hajdu

Flora Hajdu

Associate Professor in Rural Development  » CV Currently I am dividing my time between research on several different projects, supervision of PhD and MSc students, occasional lecturing and being

Social cash transfers

The major recent innovation in policy responses to poverty in sub-Saharan Africa has been social cash transfer schemes (SCTs) which disburse cash to poor people. There is growing evidence that these

Prospects for Swedish farming

The aim of this study is to explore agrarian change and farm household strategies in Sweden in order to better understand the current transformations in farming as a basis for a future oriented

Restructuring the Rural North

In the research we investigate how initiatives for intensified resource extraction are re-structuring rural spaces. We employ a cross national comparison of two cases of mining initiatives in Sweden

Land grabbing

This three-year project will investigate to what extent agricultural land grabbing processes affecting rural areas are inserted in broader governance struggles over power relations and identities.


Swedish development cooperation has led the way in spearheading gender equality in its environmental policies in international settings. Domestic environment policies in Sweden, on the other hand,

Cash transfer

Learning lessons from the effects of the child grant in South Africa. Unconditional cash transfers have in the past decade received increased attention as a potential way of reducing poverty in the


The project investigates the Swedish farmers' collaboration in farm-based biogas production and studies the effects of various forms of collaboration for the entrepreneur's profitability, production,


The goal of halting deforestation is becoming increasingly important in climate change negotiations, and forest plantations are becoming important tools for this. However, past research shows that


The project focuses on evolving gender relations in households, communities and cassava value chains in light of the rapid commercialization and increasing higher value added processing of the crop


The on-going degradation of ecosystems threaten future food production and we now have to plan for how to secure fundamental life-support services, such as climate regulation, fresh water provision



Assessing the meaning of the long term in strategic and environmental research The future has become a key concept in the social sciences in the wake of global challenges related to climate change