Book a librarian

Last changed: 21 December 2017

Do you want more time to get help with something a bit trickier? Book a librarian!


Through our Book a librarian service you can get help with a number of different library related issues. For example:

  • information retrieval (formulating a search query, finding scientific articles, books, and so on)
  • tips and tricks in referencedatabases (saving searches, getting alerts, saving references, and so on)
  • systematic literature searches in databases
  • reference management (for example EndNote, EndNote Web, Zotero)
  • source criticism 
  • copyright, cheating, plagiarism
  • electronic publishing

If you want help with any of these issues, or something else - feel free to contact us and make an appointment!


When you book a librarian you get 30 minutes of individual help. Fill out the form below. You will get a reply within two workdays.

Please note that you can also get guidance through a web meeting. State in your booking if you want web based guidance.

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