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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: harnessing the power for SLU

Published: 28 August 2019

The opportunities and challenges of the rapidly increasing availability of data is one of the few topics on which almost everyone agrees on in research and education. But how should SLU address this revolution-in-progress? Welcome to a half-day to chart a course together, with inspiration provided from both within and outside our university. Pro vice-chancellors Kevin Bishop and Ylva Hillbur, organizers

September 17th, 9.00 – 12.00 video-connected meetings in Ultuna (Sal O), Umeå (Holly Wood) and Alnarp (Articum Spiltan)
Preliminary program

Session1: External inspiration
Professor Kalle Åström, Matematikcentrum, Lunds universitet, and others

Session 2: Research examples from SLU 
Examples from SLU’s four faculties

Session 3How can SLU support use of AI and Big Data in research and EMA? 
What can the IT division and the Data Curation Unit do, now and in the future (IT-director Petra Lagerkvist and DCU representative)

Session 4: What strategies can we pursue and how do we organize ourselves? 
Group discussions and coffee at the different campuses

For planning purposes, we need your registration before 3rd Sept.


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