Data Management Support

Last changed: 09 January 2023
Circle with arrows representing different steps in the data management process. Illustration.

Data Management Support assists researchers, doctoral students as well as environmental monitoring and assessment staff in achieving good data management, from the planning of a project until data is archived and published.

Support offered by DMS

Data Management Support (DMS) at SLU is a university-wide support function. DMS provide support to researchers, doctoral students, students as well as environmental monitoring and assessment staff in matters concerning the management of data. 

For example, we can assist you with: 

  • getting started with data management
    • offering training (both individual- and group-based) on all aspects of data management
    • giving workshops/seminars on data management related issues
    • providing guidance on data management, data formats, data documentation, metadata standards, funder requirements, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data, data archiving etc.
  • data management planning and data management plans (DMPs)
    • helping with data management planning in general
    • providing a DMP template that meets funders' (e.g., Formas and VR) expectations
    • offering support in creating a DMP and/or discussing a DMP's content
    • providing a review service for DMPs
    • helping with data management and open science related sections in research proposals
  • publishing data
    • providing advice on suitable data repositories
    • advising on how to prepare data prior to publishing and/or archiving
    • reviewing and curating data as part of submissions to the SND research data catalogue.

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DMS staff

Hanna Lindroos
Head of Division

Mikaela Asplund

Kerstin Belin

Jürg Brendan Logue
Business Developer

Simon Hallstan
Communications Officer
018-671306, 073-5615236

Karl Pettersson
018-671302, 073-0605582

Ida Taberman
Business Developer
090-786 82 16, 070-587 61 65

Ylva Toljander
072-227 09 48

Hanna Östholm
Business Developer