Competitive intelligence

Last changed: 17 October 2017

Competitive Intelligence is a process for scanning and collecting knowledge about new and competitive areas. It also enhances the opportunity to find interdisciplinary possibilities!

Competitive Intelligence is a process for systematic gathering and analyzing factors in the competitive environment that is of importance for the organization or the research projects.


  • Analysis of new research areas and its potential commercial markets
  • Benchmarking and mapping of project fields within a specific research area
  • Analysis of publication areas – who are the sponsors of trials
  • Gathering of information resources within a specific subject area
  • Systematic mapping of financial sponsors in a web based alert module
  • Mapping of current research projects – basis for publishing a technical book
  • Market research of process models of different innovation offices

The SLU-library will take assignments in efficient monitoring and competitive intelligence, or give a seminar.

Created an efficient search strategy? Let it work for you!

Most databases and search engines offer possibilities for standing searches, which will send alerts to you via RSS or e-mail when new information that relates to your search has been retrieved. 


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