Guide to publishing your thesis

Last changed: 31 October 2017

Below is information on formatting your thesis, printing it and depositing it in Epsilon, the SLU Open archive.

1. Format your thesis

Formatting your doctoral thesis

Your doctoral thesis shall be a part of the series Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae and must be formatted using the SLU document templates for doctoral theses. The SLU print shops produce the covers of the theses. Your duty, when it comes to the cover, is to supply the printer with the text for the back of the cover and, when appropriate, an illustration for the front.

Text for the back cover

On the back of the cover there should be a short abstract and a short presentation of the author. Use the template file SLU_Acta_Backcover_vX for typing your text. You will find useful information in the file. Save as a normal Word file and send it to the printing office.

Illustration on the front cover

There are two options for the front cover: no illustration or a small illustration. Discuss the size of the illustration with the printer.

If you intend to use an illustration to which copyright restrictions apply, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner before your thesis is printed. We recommend that you get the permission in writing. Obtaining permission may take time, so do not leave it to the last minute.

If you do include an illustration, you need to send the printer a file containing the illustration. Regard theese points on the quality of the illustration.

  • If the illustration is a color or grayscale picture, deliver the original image if it does not need any adjustments.
  • If you need to process the image, start by saving it in tiff format (.tif), and send it as a tiff after processing.
  • If you use a black and white digital drawing or scanned text choose the resolution 600 dpi. Make sure the illustration is saved in bitmap mode, not in greyscale mode. (E.g. in Adobe Photoshop you can find the alternatives for color mode in the menu Image > Mode.)
  • If your illustration was created as an eps-file, deliver it as it is.

Articles in a compilation thesis

  • Published articles should be sent as the publisher PDFs.
  • Read the publishers' contracts to find out if you are permitted to print published articles in your thesis. Please contact the library if you are unsure.
  • Manuscripts can be "smartened up" with the SLU template SLU_Article, which is included in the set of document templates.

Formatting your joint or double degree thesis

  • Joint and double degree thesis shall be published in the SLU series Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae and electronically published in Epsilon.
  • The cover can if needed be adapted to claims from partner universities but the following must be stated:
    1. The SLU logo and the Acta series name on the front cover.
    2. The issue serial number and the Acta series ISSN must be visible somewhere on the cover.
    3. It must be clearly stated at the cover or/and at any of the front pages that the thesis is the result of a joint degree education and what universities that are involved. If the thesis is published elsewhere it shall be stated where it is published.

Formatting your licentiate thesis

You are free to use the SLU document templates for licentiate theses but it is not mandatory. If your licentiate thesis is part of a departmental series you should follow departmental guidelines.

2. Print your thesis

The thesis should be printed three weeks before the dissertation at the latest, (the day of public display of the thesis).

Please make sure to contact the print shop well in advance!

Some information about printing:

  • Send in your thesis in the pdf format, as one file if it is a monograph or with the summary chapter and each article in separate files. If the thesis is part of the Acta series, the file names should contain the series number (e.g. 201443).
  • The print shop will produce a print file. You will be given a proof copy (please note that the print shop does not provide proof reading, however) for approval before the final print. Check spelling, figures, unwanted blank pages etc. to make sure everything is the way you want it.
  • If you experience problems converting your files into pdf, inserting images or tables etc, please contact your department's IT co-ordinator for assistance. For help with scanning of images, contact your print shop.
  • It is of the utmost importance that the printer is able to contact you during the preparation process. Please make sure to leave your contact information with your print shop.
  • Remember to order approximately 12 extra copies of your thesis for legal deposits (7) and SLU-library/registrar (approx. 5) 
  • The print shop are required to deliver legal deposits.
  • You are required to send the correct number of printed copies of your thesis to your SLU University Library and registrar. The number varies depending on the faculty.

3. Register and log in to Epsilon

Before you can deposit your thesis into Epsilon you need to create an account: 

  • Go to Epsilon. If necessary, change languages by clicking the British flag in the top left corner. Click the link  Create Account.
  • Fill in your name and SLU e-mail address. Choose a user name and password. Do not use any special letters such as å, ä, ö, ü etc. Click Register.
  • An automated e-mail with a link will be sent to your e-mail address within minutes (Sometimes these e-mails will end up in your spam folder).
  • Click the link in the e-mail to activate your password. Your account is ready to use straight away.

4. Deposit your thesis in Epsilon

  • Log in to Epsilon with the user information you chose when registering.
  • Click the button New Item.
  • Choose the correct publication type and click Next.
  • Upload your document
    • The summary part of a compilation thesis shall always be published in Epsilon, according to the Vice-chancellor's decisison. Articles/papers which are part of the thesis may also be deposited, but this normally means asking permission to do so from the publisher of the journals they have been published in. The following form can be used to communicate with publishers: Request to use material included in the electronic version, Doctoral dissertation at SLU.
    • To avoid future journal publication problems, submitted or unpublished articles should not be published in the Epsilon version of your thesis.
    • Monograph theses shall be deposited in their entirety. If your thesis is published with a commercial publisher, you must make sure they also permit depositing in Epsilon.
  • Click on Browse to find the file you want to upload. Double-click the file. Most web browsers will upload the file into Epsilon automatically. This may take a few seconds, depending on the size of your file.
    • Always try to compress your file as much as possible, to show consideration to readers with slow connections. Epsilon's primary use is for reading online, not high-resolution printing.
    • The file you upload must be the final version, the exact same version that will be printed. The file name should be in the format familyname _firstnameinitial_date. Special letters (e.g. å, ä, ö, ü etc.) should not be used. Example: hallberg_a_140114.pdf för Åsa Hällberg depositing their publication in Epsilon on the 14th of January 2014. 
    • You have the option to add additional information about the file(s) by clicking Show options. If more than one file is uploaded you may add a description for each one. Click Next when you are done.
  • Fill in the information on the next page. Mandatory information is marked by a yellow star. Short help texts are available above each information box. Some boxes will give suggestions when you start typing, such as series title. Click Next when you are done. The system will display a warning if you forgot any mandatory information.
  • Subjects. Choose at least one, maximum three, subject category which describes the contents of your document. Sub-categories are available by clicking the plus sign to the left of a subject category. Click the button Add to add a subject. Click Next when you are done.
  • Relations. This page is available for linking your publication to another publication, for instance a book chapter to the complete book elsewhere on the web. If no such relation is necessary, simply skip this page by clicking Next.
  • Research Info. This page is available for information about aspects of the research and the research process related to the resource. Examples are method, tools or objects used in your research. If no such information is necessary, simply skip this page by clicking Next.
  • On the last page of the form you need to read the copyright notice and then click Deposit Item Now if you are ready. You may wait and deposit the publication later if you wish to go back and check any information, by clicking Save for later. If you choose to save for later, your publication will be saved in your own Epsilon workspace and can be accessed and changed by you until you choose to deposit it.

Once deposited, your publication is sent to the SLU University Library's work pool, and is only available to the library editors. Your deposition will be checked and more metadata will be added before the publication becomes available online. This may take a few working days, depending on the current workload. If you have questions or need to correct something after depositing your publication, please contact the SLU University Library. Please note that uploaded files will not be replaced once they have been made available online in Epsilon. Errata can be added to them if needed, however. 

Your thesis is automatically transferred from Epsilon to the SLU publication database SLUpub. 

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