Use another program than Microsoft Word for the thesis

Last changed: 23 August 2017

The templates for Microsoft Word are created and maintained by SLU University Library. They also are the ones we give support on. Therefore they are the templates we primarily recommend for theses. However, this does not mean that the door on using other programs is shut.


For you who prefer using LaTeX , there is a template for SLU theses available. It was created by Rob Hart and was updated in November 2013.

Download your LaTeX template ( here.

When you unzip the file, you will find instructions for its use.

Other programs

It is also possible to use another word processor or a layout program. Then you must format the document yourself.

In the file Page_layout_and_styles_in_SLU_Acta_Thesis_v5.0.pdf you will find information on the formats. It is particularly important that the paper size is correct.

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