Instructions for the student project templates

Last changed: 06 November 2017

Your student project consists of two parts, the text and a front page (cover) with its attached title page. The templates from SLU University Library can be used unless your department or faculty has other requirements.

Front page and title page

If your department or your program has no own template or writing directions for the front page, you can use the templates from SLU University Library. They follow the vice-chancellor's decision on mandatory information that is to be included.

Use the templates for front and title pages:

  • Open a new copy of the front page template
  • The file contains macros that must be enabled, for you to continue. It also contains information that is shown when you enable the macros. When you have read the information, a form opens, which you fill in. When you click the OK button in the form, your information is inserted in the document. The result is a Word file. You cannot return to the form after clicking OK .If you lack some information when filling in the form, you either can open a new file and start all over again or edit the Word file as usual.
  • When the pages are ready, create a PDF file and merge it with the PDF file from the insert (the text).

Insert (text pages) in student projects

SLU has no common policy for the layout of student projects. Individual programs may have different guidelines and writing directions. Please check with your department if there are any special guidelines or other instructions that you should follow. If your department or your program hasn't got templates or writing directions for the insert, you can use the library's template.

We recommend you to write your text in the template from the very beginning. You can also paste in text from another document but there is a risk that formatting comes along with the text and causes trouble.

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