Guidelines for SLU publications

Last changed: 20 December 2022

SLU has guidelines for publications that are published by the university. The guidelines contain the following parts: open access, copyright licenses, responsibilities and graphic profile and bibliographic information.

The guidelines will act as quality assurance and create conditions for increased accessibility, visibility and use of the university's publications. The guidelines include publications published by faculties, departments or other organisational units within SLU. They also include cases where SLU is the publisher. They apply to all types of publications, including the series published within SLU. These are, for example, doctoral and licentiate dissertations, reports and fact sheets.

The guidelines in brief

Open access to publications published by SLU

All publications published by SLU must be made openly available in full text via SLU's publication database, SLUpub. For compilation theses, at least the thesis part, also called the introductory chapter or summary, is published in SLUpub. Articles published in journals must be made available together with the summary part in SLUpub when copyright allows.

Copyright licenses

SLU recommends that publications be licensed with an optional license from Creative Commons (CC). Deviations from this are allowed when justified.

Responsibility for the publication

Publishing units within SLU must have a designated person responsible, both for their series and for the publications that are published outside series. Being responsible means having the overall responsibility for the publications following the guidelines and acting as a contact person for questions, but not being responsible for the content of each individual publication. Being responsible should not be understood as the legal term "responsible editor".

  • The head of the publishing unit/accountable manager is responsible for series where there is no designated responsible person, as well as for publications that are published outside a series.
  • Responsibility for the series Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, where SLU's doctoral dissertations are published, lies with the vice-chancellor. The management of the series is delegated in the vice-chancellor's delegation order to the chair of the Council for PhD education (Fur).

Graphic profile and bibliographic information

Publications must follow SLU's graphic profile. The general rule is that publications should have a front page, a title page and a summary. Exceptions for front page and title page are made for publications where this is not appropriate, such as fact sheets or policy briefs.

However, these types of publications shall include mandatory bibliographic information as below.

The front page must contain:

  • SLU's logo
  • Publication title

Furthermore, the publication (on the front page or title page) must contain the following information:

  • Author/origin, including affiliation.
  • ORCID if authors have an ORCID.
  • Publisher (only one organisation/unit should be publisher)
  • Publication year
  • Place of publication
  • Information about copyright (according to the format "© The Authors") and any CC license for the publication
  • ISBN if appropriate (for doctoral and licentiate theses, books, reports).
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) if the publication has a DOI

If the publication is part of a series, the following information must also be stated:

  • Series title
  • Number in series. You get the number from the issuing department, except for in Alnarp where you or the print shop orders it via
  • ISSN if the series has an ISSN

Feel free to contact the SLU library if you are going to create a new series, we can help during the process.